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Friday, 26 August 2011

Vacationing in August

We left home at the beginning of August and have been either on the road or camping. Or as my sister dubbed it "Fake Camping" We first went to Colville WA and spent the night at the Walmart there. Our plan was to get the tires replaced on the trailer. They were the ones that we got when we bought the trailer three years ago. It was time! Luckily they had the tires and they were able to change them as well.

With that being done off we went to Soap Lake in WA. Wow what an amazing place. I loved the Coulees there. The lake was gross but oh so beneficial. There are more minerals etc in there and if you would like to read up on it here is a link to check it out.
I hope you like what you find there. I know I did. Here is a picture or two of what I saw. Not to mention loved!
       This is the view of Soap Lake and one of the many Coulees when we stepped out of our trailer.
My daughter Arianna taking a mud bath in the lake. She really did love it and her skin was so soft after wards.
Another one of the great Coulees. We drove to the Grand Coulee Dam as we drove we saw this all around us.
Here are my husband Jim and our daughter Arianna by the Dry Falls. It is much lager than the Niagara Falls only there is not water flowing over it. It is 3 1/2 miles and an amazing view.
Here is a good view of the Dry Falls near the Grande Coulee Dam. The water in basin is from underground. This area only gets about 9'' of precipitation a year. Such a view. There is also a visitor shop there and a good view of the dry falls from it.
 We also went to the Grand Coulee Dam and saw their light show. It was a history of the dam and surrounding area. Very interesting. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of the dam. Sorry about that.

We also found this Gehrke Windmill Garden. A man loved them and was making all kinds of windmills from scraps and recycling them in the 1960's I believe. Here are my two loved one in front of the "garden"
                                                          Gehrke Windmill Garden
Yes the windmill is inside a chain link fence. But it was oh so interesting to see all that this gentleman used.

We after three days of this area we left for Anacourtes Island on the west coast of Wa. I do have pictures of this as well. We met up with my sister, niece and nephew and camped at Fidalgo Bay Resort. The resort was a bit disappointing at first but the washroom and laundry were very clean and well maintained. They did have better sites which we got not so great of a site but when we saw the rest of what they had we were happy. I would chose a better site next time. Some had beautiful views of the ocean. If you had a boat you could go crabbing as well. Sea life was in abundance and quite fun to see. While we were the smelts were running and we witnessed people carrying their nets and catching buckets of them. Now on to some of our pictures.
                               My nephew Trent while on a walk along the inlet at Fidalgo Bay.
                                 My niece Chante pretending to eat an oyster while on our walk.

                                    Arianna chases a crab with her finger. Can you see the crab?
I will add more later. The pictures are taking a long time to download so off we go. We are headed to the Chilliwack Corn Maze in BC.
I would also like to mention at this time (August 26th) that this is my daughter Arianna's 9th birthday.
Have a wonderful weekend all.

Having a blast


Keshet said...

Looks like fun! Glad you're enjoying the summer!

Kimberly said...

WOW! some trip, lots of fun for the whole family...thanks for sharing..

Stacy H-W said...

Thanks for the great ideas of other uses for my bottle tag tutorial! Thanks also for visiting my blog. This looks like it was a wonderful trip!