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Thursday, 8 March 2012

I have a new tool

On Tuesday I went to my usual evening of scrap booking. To be honest this night is a wonderful time with ladies for a hen fest. Yes we do get some scrap booking of some kind done but for the most part we talk and share food. One of the ladies has been bringing a pie of the week. They have all been HOME MADE and delicious. This week she made something with me in mind. I love raspberries and she made this French Vanilla Raspberry Torte. It was beyond delicious. I ate two pieces! Yum yum.

Now for the new tool I mentioned. A week ago Jim ordered for me a Cinch binding machine. I had been looking at different ways I could bind some autograph books I will be making for next year. (I am sure I mentioned something about these in last posting) Well it has arrived! The Cinch that is. It is so smooth. I played with it a bit but didn't make anything yet. I can't wait until I have time to really make something. Will post it when I do.

Also last week I made a magnetic book. I saw it on My Craft Channel * Create to Remember with Heidi Swapp*  There are two episodes but they are wonderful. Any how I got that finished and had a blast. I used magnets that were on the fridge (which I hate having there) and voila I had my magnetic book. I went into my MS word 7 and made up two different styles of pages and printed them off. They are for my mother to write in on her Hawaiian cruise which she will take later on this month. I didn't take a picture, sorry about that, but she got it this week and loved it. She was going to buy herself one I beat her to it. I hope she has fun with this journal. I didn't embellish it at all because of the weight issue. 

Well that is it is for me for today. I have been under the weather and have not been crafty at all this week. Maybe next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


Tina Campbell said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. Have fun with the cinch looks like a good tool. I'm trying the bind it all (new to me) for some projects I'm working on. I hope you have as much fun with you cinch as I plan to have with my BIA

Sharon said...

Hi Joanne! I was just reading some of my old blog posts and found a comment from you, so wanted to pop in to say hi! How do you like your Cinch? It's one of those things I've been eyeballing for a while and so far have held off purchasing. I love making mini albums and thought it would come in very handy for those. Can't wait to see pics of some things you've made. Give me a shout out when you post some pics~

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