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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

May Flowers Bird Abode

Here we are and it is the beginning of June. It is hard to believe that winter has come and gone. I have been busy but didn't post a thing on here. Sorry for those who like to follow.

About a month ago I was watching a bird house being assemble on youtube. This lady has such a way with paper and her creations. She has two (and maybe the third is up as I type this) bird abode series. If any of you are interested her blog and youtube name is Follow the Paper Trail. She is fantastic and has a lot of wonderful ideas and patterns to share. So please head to  here
which is her youtube account. I am sure you will want to check her out.

Last weekend four of us went to a crop down near Coeur D'Alene at a camp called N Sid Sen. This camp is spectacular and the views are breath taking. We went to this same crop last May. I have already put my deposit on for next May! 

Here are two of the pictures of the bird abode I made While at  the weekend crop (not completely finished yet) however I am very happy with the results so far.

This is the front of the little house. The little bird is cut on my Cricut using SCAL2. I wish I could find where I got this from so I can give credit. The little blue flower is one from SVG cuts 3D flowers. It is an aster. I also cut some swirly filigree that is coming from the side and draping over the eye brow roof. The little picket fence at the bottom is a picket fence using CM border maker. 
Left side view. More of the 3D flowers by SVG Cuts using my SCAL2 and the Cricut. The pink flower is a cosmo, little blue one is a azalea and the yellow is a begonia. Another of the birds from who knows where. The bird is mounted on two layers of foam tape. I drew the eyes on by hand, a first time attempt for me. I also cut another one of the swirl/filigree which is under the flowers and bird. I hope to add more as I work and finish this project. There was a lot of taking off and rearranging on this project. 

I have been working on my yard a bit as well. About two years ago we had our little ditch along side the driveway dredged. I have worked on it but it was slow and tedious process as I was separating the rock from the soil. This year I didn't have to do that because I was moving it to a different part just for fill. I got it all moved over and then began cleaning out an area for our motorcycles (Jim's bike is named Fenchurch and I don't have a name for mine yet) It is almost done and then the rains hit. I don't go out in the rain as I hate being in it. Here is a few pictures of the clearing out area and where it is being moved to.
 There are a lot of rock as we live on a mountain side. This is pretty much cleared out now. But still some more to go. Maybe another two wheel barrow full. 
Above is a picture of where I am moving all this earth, rocks and twigs to. I have raised some of it about a foot and a half at this point. It is a lot of wheelbarrows full. I also have been using a dolly (things you move furniture with that have wheels) It works very well I might add. This is where we put our trailer for the winter months. Those are big boulders and cement pad that was hidden under our front lawn. And an old swing set that is past safety to be used now. Jim is setting up a level so that I can continue adding but making it level. The blue car on the right will be taken away soon by a very nice wrecking yard so I can eventually fill that area in as well. I know big plans!

 In May our fourth daughter Karina came home for a week. It was long over due and we were so happy to have her here!

 One special request she had was to have a ladies night again. A few years ago we had one and so another was so needed. It was smaller this time around though. I had sent out an invitation to our other three daughters via facebook. Of course none of them could come. Or so I thought! I was pleasantly surprised by our second daughter Holly who drove the 7 hours to get here! Here she is coming up the stairs and fully surprised me :-)
Now for the ladies night pictures. Karina is an aesthetician now and so worked some of her magic on some of the ladies there.
                                             Karina shaping her cousin Allyshia's eye brows
                                              Allyshia getting her lashes tinted
              What do you mean I have to keep eyes closed for 15 minutes!!!!!
                   And Auntie Rina having her eyelashes tinted as well 
Holly got to hold our little lady who is only 3 weeks old here. She is one precious girl!

I will continue tomorrow with our adventures. Next will be our trip to Florida/Grand Cayman/Mexico/Castaway Cay! Have a wonderful day everyone.




Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It was a real treat watching this birdhouse project come together. Your readers need to understand how much work went into this -- and how it is even more awesome in person!

Joanne said...

Thank you so much Karen. It was such fun being in the same place as you for the crop. I am enjoying your blog too :-) Have a happy afternoon.