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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Finishing our trip to Florida

Our time in Florida was a wonderful 2 weeks. We rented once again the same villa in a private gated community. 
This is from a few years ago  I didn't see the need to take picture of the same place again. But it looks pretty much the same except the bushes and trees were a bit bigger. This villa is grand! Five bedrooms and one game room that we doubled up as a bedroom. We had use of the fully stocked kitchen, laundry room and a private pool that looked out over a lake with a island that doubled as an aviary. It is really a place we loved to come home to at the end of the day.

Our first day we went to Epcot. I loved it here as there are all these topiaries.
Here are Jim, Arianna and Payton (in the stroller we bought to get her around)
 For Joanne's birthday we all went to The Crown & Rose in Epcot. We had wonderful seats to see the nightly fireworks. They were amazing!
 Here is part of the show. Spectacular really and the seats we had were out of this world.

After our meal and the fireworks we headed off to enjoy some of the rides. Here are all of our group minus moi of course (always taking the pictures) It is the big release year for Oz.

 While in Animal Kingdom the girls had their faces painted. Arianna chose the tiger face ...

 And Payton chose Goofy! We were very surprised by this choice.

This was just a few high lights of our first week. The second week my Mom and second daughter Holly joined us for a wonderful time. 

We  went once again on the Boggy Creek Airboat Ride.

 Here is Joanne taking some pictures while making our way in the Everglades 

 Payton loved any moving craft. The airboat was not exception. Jim held onto her so she didn't land in the water with the alligators that would love her for a snack. And there were lots of them.

After the airboat ride we were all very hungry. Someone recommended the  
Catfish Place. 
They had all sort of interesting food there. Here is Jim with one of his food items. Frog leg but there was also alligator, turtle, catfish and probably something else. 

 That evening we went into 
Magic Kingdom 
to watch the fireworks above Cinderella's Castle and the Electric Parade. We waited on the sidewalk for the parade in the picture. 

 Mom, Holly,Arianna and I walked along the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom to see It's Tough To Be A Bug. Payton didn't like it before so Jim stayed with her while we did this. Can you see the amazing animals in the tree?

 Payton I think loved this ride the best. It is in 
Animal Kingdom
Kali River Rapids was fun. We were soaked by the end of it all except Payton who chose to wear a poncho! She laughed at us and wanted to go "Again!". Jim humored her  5 more times!

 Another two people that joined our group at the villa were Jaime and her mom Janet (not in this picture) Jaime is the one in front on the left. We went to a restaurant called
Steak and Shake.
This is a place really worth going to for some good old fashioned meals but not the healthiest. I highly recommend this place if you are a meat and potato kind of person or love burgers.

   I was trying out my new camera and so I am pretty sure this picture was meant to be 3D. Cool effect really. Anyhow here are my mom (l) me and Holly (r) while we waited for the Nemo show. It is so worth seeing more than once. I believe this was in Animal Kingdom as well.

 Payton's absolute favorite is Tinkerbell. We waiting in line for 45 minutes to visit her. 
She was very happy to have another visit with this fairy. Her first visit was on the Fantasy.

Hollywood Studios
 While in Hollywood Studios we all went in to Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Arianna loved the ant that moved it's head a little and made some noise. Payton is terrified of insects of all kinds so we were so lucky to capture this picture of her there as well. She was very hesitant to near it at all.

In another part of the H.I.S.T.K. playground we found this huge dog nose that actually makes dog sniffing noises. Holly laughed with this one as much as I did.

Last day we went to Magic Kingdom
 Before we got on the ferry to the MK I got a picture of all three wearing their Mike t-shirts. Jim got his a few years ago and then my mom bought one for Payton and Arianna. Don't they look like a fun bunch?

On our way back home. In the airport we stopped for lunch. Payton was so sick. I had to carry her everywhere. While I sat she just slept. Poor girl. But this was the end of our trip.
Hope you enjoyed the little bit of our vacation because I know we surely did! 

It is late here tonight. We had such a long but wonderful day today. I will share that with you tomorrow. Stay tuned! More to come from my life.



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