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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A short jaunt up a logging road

Last night Arianna asked to go for a walk along the river in a nearby park. I was game for it. Arianna managed to get her dad to agree to come along with us. It was a beautiful evening. The moosquitoes (as Jim calls them) thought so too. That could have made him walk a bit quicker though.
As we walked over this bridge we got to see a fish going after the insects on the river's surface. Unfortunately we didn't see the fish just the ripples he caused.


 Jim took Arianna and I on a little drive afterwards. He used to do this all the time and I love that he decided to give it another go.
This time he took us up this old logging road. I didn't know this but there is a hiking trail that is kept up with signage. We didn't go for a walk on the trail but he did keep going up the rough, dirt road past that. 8 km up. There is a lot of firewood to be found up there. All sorts of evidence that a lot of people go up there to get their winter's supply. Some even left chunks of good fallen trees up on the road! What are they thinking?

I have a slight fear of heights. This road put my adrenalin surging through my veins. I was scared that I was going to start hyperventilating. I kept my calm (as much as I could) and took deep, slow breaths. But oh the views were out of this world.
I asked Jim to take a picture from this drop off of the road. Here is the remarkable view but I have to admit that the picture just doesn't give it justice.

But oh what a view this is!

Jim was actually trying to see our house from this mountain. Anywhere we could have seen our house was blocked by forest. So needless to say we didn't see our home.

Jim loves mushrooms. He used to go with his mom to pick them in the fall. So he knows what he is looking for. I on the other hand don't. As we drove down the road he stopped suddenly exclaiming Shaggy Manes! I knew what that was. I have tried one or two. 
 They were on both sides of the road, we hit the jack pot! But as we began to pick them Jim noticed that they were past the tender non inky stage. How sad. But we did manage to get 4 of them.

One lone shaggy mane.

It was getting late by this point so off we went the rest of the way down the road 4km or so. It was almost dark by the time we got home. I had such a lovely time (other than the height thing). Does anyone else hunt wild mushrooms? I would love to hear about them.


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