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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day

A time set aside to verbalize how much we appreciate DAD.
As I sit here thinking about Father's Day I remember the most precious time I had with my dad. My dad is of the old school mentality. He felt that his responsiblity was to put a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and healthy food in the home. Which he did all of this very well. He was and still is a hard worker. Dad's career was as an outboard motor mechanic. He did everything honestly and with a great deal of pride. Of course he passed this along to all of us children, me Joanne, Mike, Nicole, Richard and Paulette. 

So onto the memory I have that I will treasure for the rest of my life. One day in the summer my dad went for a ride in the convertable. I am not sure if I asked to go along or if he suggested it. I got to go with him up to Stave Falls. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining in on us. I am not sure if we talked or went along in silence. Once we got up near the falls he took me for a walk along the path. There were some other teens (which I was a teen at the time) playing in the water fall, sliding down some rocks into the pool. It was so nice. I felt very special to be spending this time with my dad one on one. I think that this is the only time I had like this. No wonder it is such a special memory for me. 
Was it a out of this world activity? Nope. But for me it was extra special out of this world time. 
Thank you DAD for this memory. 

Hank Chaput My DAD

Another man in my life is my other half Jim. He is not my father but the father of five special girls. He is the father of two of these five girls but has taken on the other three (my first litter as he calls them) He went from having a quiet and very easy going girl, Karina, to having another three teenaged girls with all the hormones, dramas that goes along with them. I was pregnant with our child, it would seem we have a yours, mine and ours sort of family.
 My oldest daughter was a mother to our very special granddaughter Paige. Yes that is a lot to take on isn't it? 
 This reminds of a little story. Jim's mom Ann had a dream many years ago. She was looking out the window and saw a van drive into her driveway. The door opened and a whole pile of children came out. Well I guess those children would be our girls and granddaughters. 
So to my hubby Happy Father's Day. You are a wonderful and loving man to all those girls.
One more thing. Jim has a wonderful sense of humor. He loves to tell groaner jokes. 
(this is a condensed version)
One is of a woman that gave birth to their first child. She told him that during the night she thought of a nice name for their newborn. Hosea would the name. The new father said that is a wonderful name. So we won't have to work at chosing names for our future children. They will be Hosea, Hoseb, Hosec etc.
He now affectionatly calls the girls Hose A, Hose B, Hose C, Hose D and Hose E. 
He also has loving names for the granddaughters! Hose AA, Hose AB, Hose AC and Hose AD! 
Hope this shows you a bit of the fun with have. 
Jim with Hose E and Hose AB
The females in my family. One precious girl is missing Hose AD Pciture to follow.
Our newest Hose "D"

Yes I have wonderful men in my life. Thank you both Dad and Jim for being great fathers. I admire and appreciate all that you do.


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