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Sunday, 4 August 2013

I was thinking...

Lately I have been posting about the things I have been doing. Not that this blog isn't suppose to be about that but when I first started this my intentions were to show off or share what I have done in the crafty sense. Life has taken me into a different direction of late. So all the camping, bike riding, painting etc have been on the forefront. I love every minute of it too. 

But I think it is time to share a little bit of what I have done in the way of craftiness. My granddaughters are coming here for a much anticipated week next week. I have looked forward to this time of just Arianna, the girls and me. I have four granddaughters now. HoseAA (for explanations on these nicknames go here) is 12 now, HoseAB is 5 (she came with us to WDW in March), HoseAC will be 4 on the 6th and our very last precious girl HoseAD is just about 7 months. I am not bringing home HoseAD because I don't have the room in the truck for her nor do I have a crib. I am not sure that I could handle all the girls at once either. 

So for one of the crafts that I thought I would do with the girls was to make some chipboard books with them. Name books to be more precise. Now I am thinking that I am being over ambitious. I might do this with the two older ones though. That would be HoseAA and Arianna.

Once I have figured out how to share these files I will start to post them on here. I have made up a few SVG files on my own. It was a fun process too.The program I have is called SureCutsALot2 other wise known as SCAL2. You can't get this version any longer. Mine works with my Cricut Expression. Today you can't use SCAL (the newer versions) with Cricut and I think it is one of cutter. But if you have a cutter check out SCAL3. It is pretty easy to find but go to SCAL3. This site has a lot of cute cut files for sale and daily freebies. I highly recommend them. There is a list of what cutting machines you can use with SCAL3. Another fantastic place to get some SVGs is here. Penny is a very talented woman. She is such a sweet person too.

Now off to see if any bloggers out there will share how to post them :-) I know quite a few have them up on some sharing places like 4 share etc. So will see how that goes.

For those British Columbians have a great long weekend and for the rest of the world a good weekend.


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