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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October already?

Good day to you all.
I have a hard time believing we well into October. Where has the time gone?

We had a very busy summer and continued right up to now. 
The usual camping, swimming, yard work, having my three oldest granddaughters here for a week and that sort of thing. Once September rolled around it was time to get working on the 10 cords of firewood. It is all done and stored away for the winter now. Woo. Lots of dusty work I have to admit.

I know last post I said that I would try to share some of my cutting files but still have not figured out how to share them. I will continue to work on finding a way to do that.

Some of the highlights of our summer.

 Paige our oldest granddaughter and Arianna were outside and discovered another one of our skinks. This one is a adult because it doesn't have a blue tail.
Our oldest granddaughter Paige and Arianna.

The two younger granddaughters, Payton and Makayla, enjoying our trampoline. This was something they looked forward to everyday.
The girls enjoying some bouncing exercise.

A friend of mine celebrated her 50th birthday. The three of us have been friends for a long time ... about 20 years I would say.
Lisa the birthday girl, Wanda and myself

We are a family with a lot of girls! Jim, the only male in this picture, calls us all his estrogen pool.
Back row: Me (Joanne), Mom, Arianna, Holly and Paige
Middle row: Becky, Payton, Jim, Kristine and Makayla
Sitting in Jim's lap is the youngest our granddaughters Caelin (unfortunately there is one daughter missing here ... Karina)
Jim and the estrogen pool.

My four girls and I. Becky, Holly Kristine and Arianna. 

After our really fun time of camping for two weeks we returned home to this. Yes my wood pile that I had to split.This is not the full ten cords but close to it. It is all now safely tucked away in the wood shed ready to be burnt and keep us warm.

In early September we went to Penticton with our friends the Craig family. We camped in Penticton for two days. Saturday we spent the day on our party dock floating down the canal. What fun we had!
Jim with our party dock inflated and ready to ride the canal.

Now we are into fall and the trees are changing colours, the days and nights are getting cooler.

Till my next post

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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Ten.cords.of wood. That's a lot!
And you have a party dock, how cool is that?
Definite family resemblance in the picture with you & your girls. ;)