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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tutu Dress and Yuccas

I have been working on different project this past week. I finished another two pair of the slippers, Which was very good. 

I also worked on a cute Tutu Dress for our youngest granddaughter Caelin.
Some of the people have commented that it looked like a dress from Frozen. They are so right.

I got this as a free pattern from Free Patterns by Ness and Crochet Buddy's a group on Facebook. Patricia Klonoski is the creator of the pattern which she shares in that group for free!
Join here to get this and many many other crochet patterns for free. There are many wonderful patterns and talented ladies in the group.

Now here is the dress. The changes I made are that I picoted the edges (neck and armholes) as well I crocheted a flower. 

I am working on another two dresses in different colours for the two older granddaughters. I just wish I could figure out what I could make for my oldest granddaughter. She is 13 now and she is  getting her own personal style. Not always liking what Gramma would pick for her anymore. 

It has been very lovely here the last few weeks and so I have been spending time outdoors. I received a few yucca plants to put on our bank. It is quite a steep bank and so it is hard to work on. Not to mention all the weeds that have grown there over the last nine years.  

My yuccas are a very nice substitute. I am loving them. 

Yucca and weeds on the bank

My stray lupin among the snow on the mountain.

That about covers the last few days for me. 
Have a wonderful weekend sharing good times with family & friends.
We will be off tomorrow for a bike ride with the group we are trying out.


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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Perhaps your oldest granddaughter would like a hat? I've seen some really cute ones with a little brim and a flower on the side. They make me wish that I looked good in hats! (Sadly, I do not.)

My grandmother crocheted slippers for me when I was in college. They were treasured.