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Monday, 26 May 2014

What a great weekend we had

We don't have a long weekend here in Canada, not in BC anyway.
So we are back to a normal Monday, Jim is at work and Arianna is in school.
Although Arianna and her class are going on a field trip. She was excited that they didn't have real school work to be doing today.

Friday while at the school a teacher that has ordered four pair of black slippers asked if I would make another 2 pair for. That is 6 pair from just one person. Wow that is a lot of slippers. She really likes them. I have one pair almost done.
Friday night I finished that mermaid costume. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I just hope it fits the young girl that I made it for. We have not been able to connect so far. I hope to be able to go over this week. It isn't needed until later on in the summer. Her mom is a photographer and she wanted it to take pictures of her little precious girl in one. 
Here is the completed outfit.

Mermaid photo op costume about 18 months size
A close up of the head band and top.

On Saturday we went for the first time with a group of bikers. They are the West Kootenay Roadrunners. Nice bunch of people so far. I know Brian and Joanne of course. There were 7 of us that started out but we dropped on at our first stop. He needed to go home to be with his wife. So six of us left for a nice ride along the lake. I even made it around the hair pin corner at Coffee Creek! Woo hoo for me! That corner almost paralyzes me. I slowed down and took a deep breath and all was well.
I was quite tired by the time it was 8:30 and went to bed for the night. I didn't even wake up just before 5. Was asleep till almost 6. Nice

Have a great day and Happy Memorial Day to those in the states.


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