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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Well good morning to you all. And a special greeting to all you fathers out there.
Yesterday I worked on my father's day card. I got the idea from Dawn on you tube. Search under Shirt & Tie Card with Dawn and it will take you right there. All the instructions plus a wonderful video are there for you to follow. She does such a great job on the instructions.
Now I will show you the card and then head on over to her you tube post and have a look. Check out her many other project and I am sure you will be very inspired.

That is my Father's Day Card for this year. I can't send via snail mail because we have a postal strike. Good thing that next week we are heading over there and I will deliver it personally.
Happy paper trails to you all.


TenSGal said...

Love your card! Great job on the shirt.
I added myself as a follower.
Hope you enjoy your Expression....I love mine and am trying to do a challenge of doing a project with each of my many cartridges. Come visit me!

Alice said...

Really cute! Shirt is always a nice card for a man. Love how you did the inside too.

TenSGal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, too...! I did a series called Bold Backgrounds on cards I made at an Archiver's class where we used the paint dabbers. They are awesome and with the little sponge head on it easy to administer paint without quite so much of a mess!

Denise said...

Looking great!!
Denise in WA

Danka Doo said...

Great card! I always have trouble coming up with masculine cards. This is a great one!

Denise said...

Hi TFS means Thanks For Sharing!! And thanks for visiting my blog!!
Denise in WA

Anonymous said...


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

That is adorable! Wish I had time to make one this year. I'll have to look it up and see if it is one I am capable of completing!

Joanne said...

Karen this one is quite simple. Try it and think you will be happy with how easy it is! The only thing I would suggest is using paper rather than card stock. I would love to see it if you post it on your blog.