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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Two cards for two weddings

Happy July every one. We were fortunate enough to have one of our daughters visit us for a couple of days. She was here because she was part of a wedding party. We were invited to this wedding  but had to chose between this one and another on the same day at the exact same time! Was such a hard decision to make but we opted out for Jim's cousin's wedding.Would you believe that these weddings took place while we were camping near by.
So here are the wedding cards I made. The first was made with my daughter Karina. She gave her input and had fun watching as I used the Cricut, pasted things on and made changes and different colors.
First we used a light weight card stock in black cut at 5 1/2" X 11". Using my Martha Stewart score board I scored it at 5 1/2". The edge was punched using my Martha Stewart edge punch ( I tried to find the name of this punch but was not able to, if I find it later I will post it) I punched along the right side of the card.
Using the "Heart Struck" cart on my Cricut I cut the shadow in grey and then the designed in blue cut at 3". I saved the heart from the bottom of the blue and used it on the inside of the card.
On the left hand side of the card I tied a black ribbon and then added the "Zettl" name from some sticker font I had in stock. I thought it looked nice.Then as I looked at it all I thought it needed a bit more pazzaze so I added a bit of glitter glue in blue on some of the flourishes. Because I smudge one I decided, with Karina's help, to smudge the rest. Looked nice I must say.
For the inside of the card I added another piece of grey card stock that was cut at 5 1/2" square and used the same MS edge punch on all sides.
Because I loved the heart from the front cut out I wanted to use it on the card and adhered it to the inside of the card. I thought it was a nice little touch. I think that was about it. I know that the corners over lapped and didn't like that but I was pressed for time! Hope you liked this card. Let me know if you do. I love to hear from you.
Thank you Karina for your loving and valuable input <3

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AnnasArt said...

Wow, very beautiful!

Hugs, Ingrid