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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Second wedding card in July

The second card I made while camping! I can hardly believe that I used all white for this one. I am now laughing at myself but loved the process none the less.
This card I used two different ideas from two different ladies. I can post the teepee card blog that I learned this from but forget where I got the white on white from. For the teepee card instructions go to
I followed the instructions and sizes on that but did the white on white with my own ideas.
First off here is the card.
After going by the instructions on the you tube I posted, I used the corner rounder on each end of each triangle. This made it a little difficult to line up but I did it.
Next I made squares in 5", 4" and 3" and cut them from corner diagonally. I had to use two of each square size and had one left over of each triangle. After cutting the triangles I used the corner rounder on each end. I used my ATG to layer each of the triangles onto the teepee card and for two sides I added white ribbon from my stash. The ribbon was sandwiched between the teepee card and the largest triangle piece. I added these groups of three triangles for three of the sides of the card. One was left blank. Gosh I hope this make some kind of sense if not please ask for clarification :-)
After I got all those triangles adhered I started with the decorating part. First at home I cut out three different embellishments on my Cricut all in white of course. One was the wine glasses as seen above. In the center of each glass I wrote in silver gel pen the bride and groom's initials. The other two were a bride and groom and the word Love. These three cuts were cut at 2". To fix these cut outs I used my Xyron and made the Love, bride and groom and the wine glasses into stickers. I didn't write down which cart I got them from though.  Then I added some clear self adhering gems to corners and where the ribbon met the card. When folded the gems made the corners of the card very thick. This made it hard to put into an envelope. Took a bit of maneuvering but in the end it worked out.
I would have liked to add some brads or grommets but didn't have any in silver so had to by pass that thought. I think it would have been a nice touch. You can't see it from any of the pictures but I also used my MS edge punch on the last triangle just gave it a bit more on the inside.
Well if you like what I did or have suggestions I would love to hear them! Or if you use this idea please let me know and show it off.
Have a great day.


Annel said...

What a great card I love the shape of it.

Tara said...

Hi Joannne,
Thanks for the comments on my blog today :) I would love to give you more info and some awesome links for digital stamps if you would like to send me an email. I can't seem to locate yours.
P.S. What a great shape this card is!

Anniebee said...

This is a really cool card. I don't think I have ever seen one shaped this way. Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your very sweet comments. I wanted to answer your question too. The Sizzix leafy vine is on the front of the card and the small flowers are attached to it. I actually cut it into a couple of pieces to make it look longer than it really is.


AnnasArt said...

Wow, beautiful! Graet card!